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HI! I'm Nappy Pat,
The PRODIGY Of Textured Hair

Patricia Flournoy, a PRODIGY OF TEXTURED HAIR and also affectionately known as "Nappy Pat" is a Master Cosmetologist and Make-up Artist with more than 30 years experience in the beauty industry. She's worked as an educator for more than 13 years and Salon Owner of Karisma Contour Body Spa & Salon in Augusta, GA.  Nappy Pat has dedicated her entire career to understanding and learning about the struggles and challenges that black women face today once they make the decision to "go natural". She understands exactly what it takes to maintain the natural state of your mane.

Nappy Pat desires to address these challenges face to face by developing consumer one on one boot camp classes and a series of natural hair care events to ensure women have the knowledge, research and resources to truly enjoy the blissful experience of caring for their natural hair.

Nappy Pat is excited to announce that she will be a Feature on WEZO THE BLAZE 1230AM every Monday at 9:00AM. Listeners will enjoy hot topics about healthy hair, beauty, and trending topics.
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